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Donald Trump's administration has been a disaster in so many ways that it's hard to accurately put into words just how bad things have gotten. You have the lack of any domestic-policy wins for Trump and company, Robert Mueller's ongoing Russia investigation bye, Manafort! How do you sum all that up in a single metaphor? Is it like the Hindenburg disaster? I mean, that's German, so it definitely captures part of it, but it doesn't totally work.

After all, there was a moment when people thought the Hindenburg would be incredible. The same cannot be said about the notion of a reality star becoming president.

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And the Internet's favorite standby, "dumpster fire," doesn't quite capture the many facets of terrible we are currently facing. Donald Trump was on the golf course again this weekend because what else does he have to doand he was looking at a short putt. He blew the easy shot and then, rather than letting the ball go till it stopped and taking another shot at the hole, Trump picked up his ball while it was still moving and quit the hole. The shot comes at about 45 seconds in.

That is a perfect metaphor for the way Donald Trump approaches politics.

Nancy Pelosi: After "Temper Tantrum," I Wish Trump's Family Would Have An "Intervention"

He makes it look like he's trying, he inevitably fails, and then tries to pretend like said failure never happened. There's a reason they say you can tell a person's true character by playing golf with him, and I have no doubt that Donald Trump's character would not impress us.

trump tantrum gif

Also, for a guy who plays a ton of golf, boy, does it seem like he sucks at it.Much ado was made, inabout the supposed genius of the nicknames with which Donald Trump branded his opponents. Little Marco. Crooked Hillary. To some observers, these insults, however childish, stuck because they managed to capture something essential about their targets or the way that they were perceived. But, like most of the skills attributed to Trump, this talent was grossly overstated: His digs have always been one-note, too broad, and his attempts at incisive monikers for Joe Biden in have failed to register.

What does it really look like to expose a politician for who they are? For all his autocratic aspirations, Trump is no political wizard. That cruelty is a defining feature, and likely a draw for his supporters. Obama on Monday distilled Trump to his essence in a way he has never quite been able to with his rivals. Michelle Obama. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hive newsletter and never miss a story.

Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By Charlotte Klei n. By Kenzie Bryan t. By Tarisai Ngangura. Eric Lutz is a Vanity Fair contributor. Read More. DemocratsWhen Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president, everyone thought it was a big joke. However, as the months passed, Trump began gaining a large group of supporters and his candidacy went from being hilarious to petrifying.

Now, believe it or not, but Trump has found his way into the White House and his calling the shots for the American people. Trump and his family have been in the limelight since they were born with the exception of his wives. If Trump did one thing right it was raising his children to be smart, respectful, and business-oriented.

trump tantrum gif

This is because his hair style has been seen as ridiculous and off-putting, causing many people to believe him to be wearing a toupee.

Although his hair might look fake, this picture says it all — it's real. If Trump's hair had in fact been fake, it would have blown away with the wind, however, it did not. Instead, it held on for dear life and showed the public why Trump is found of the combover — he's partially balding on top. When it comes to Trump, his hair is something that he holds dear. In fact, Amy Lasch, Trump's former hairdresser on The Apprenticestated that Trump doesn't let hairdressers cut or style his hair, and does it himself.

According to Lasch, Trump only keeps a hairdresser around on set to maintain his hairdo. Her modelling career, however, wasn't always a decent one and now decades later, she has been receiving some backlash for her provocative pictures. In fact, he embraced it and often views Melania Trump as a trophy-wife. Nevertheless, Melania Trump's past has often come back to bite him in the butt. Especially when it was revealed that his wife had taken 10 modelling jobs in the United States before having acquired her green card.

Despite President Trump's firm laws on immigration, he is married to someone who has illegally worked in America. Donal Trump's marriage to former model Melania has always been questionable, especially since their looks are on two entirely different spectrums.

Although the couple have been married sincetheir love has often been seen as a sham. This is because their marriage appears to be loveless and simply a ploy for Melania to live a life of luxury, and Trump to have something pretty on his arm.They did it again.

Donald Trump whined like a screaming bunker baby, and now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCwhich was once known as the top health organization in the entire worldis caving, and will change its recommendations on how to safely reopen schools. Because Trump doesn't care what happens to your children or their teachers. If you remember, this is where we started our day actually THIS is where we started our day, the idiot Trump tweets forced a stupid update :.

And apparently "meet with them!!! The announcement about the CDC de-balling its recommendations because the president is having a tantrum came from Vice President Mike Pence:.

Excuse us, that wasn't the correct quote, that was one we made up, which nonetheless captures the essence. The Washington Post reports:.

Donald Trump's telling temper tantrum

Holy fuck. And deja vu all over again, because just a couple months ago, in May, they did the same damn thing. First, they weren't allowed to publish the document they'd prepared with careful guidelines for how states and cities should reopen, which had been approved by CDC Director Robert Redfield weeks before.

trump tantrum gif

They at last released some weak-sauce watered-down guidelines, but we're pretty sure Trump probably didn't like those either. That would interfere with Donald Trump's big yooge re-election plans!

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Because we know at this point, based on all available informationthat the only thing Trump cares about is getting re-elected. He doesn't care if you die, whether from a pandemic in America or a Russian bullet in Afghanistan. He doesn't care if millions of Americans are left with debilitating conditions, even after they "beat" coronavirus. At the same briefing where Pence made those remarks, CDC Director Redfield tried to pretend like nothing was going on:.

Hate it when people use CDC recommendations to come to an informed decision that conflicts with Donald Trump's political fortunes.

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Can't wait for the new CDC guidelines, which will probably be "Uhhhhhhh, hey kids, try not to snot all over each other, OK? Masks are for pussies! Such is the Trump CDC, which is, spoiler, not the top health organization in the world. It's not even in the top Today is the day the United States topped 3, confirmed coronavirus cases. We passed 2, about a month ago. Wonkette is fully funded by readers like YOU. Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

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Shop Wonkette Bazaar.So, it would make sense that one way for the frustrated and angry American people to get back at him would be to mock his fragile, legend-in-his-own-mind, immature self-importance.

You can see some of those images here. This video falls right in line. The clip below is only one minute long and was edited out, by Michael M.

Law on Facebook, from the longer video equally entertaining. The most bizarre thing about this is that most people can imagine this happening. There are equally funny bits throughout as this Trump tries to con kids who basically laugh at him or call him out. The must-see Comedy Central video of 'Trump' having tantrum at children's school goes viral. Leslie Salzillo. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Recommend Unrecommend Add to Blog.

Edit Tags. Done Editing Tags. Share this article. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Make YOUR voice heard! Log in or create an account. Comments are closed on this story. L Recommend r Reply. More hintsAt her weekly press conference Thursday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi followed up on her comments after a failed meeting with the president on Wednesdaysuggesting that something is wrong with Trump by calling on his family and friends to hold an intervention.

I thought we could give him the opportunity to make an historic contribution to the safety --because it's a safety measure-- It's the about commerce, safety, mobility product to market, and in addition clean air, clean water. It's about a better future for our country, much needed, billions, trillions of dollars in deficit in terms of low or no maintenance. It's never been partisan. We don't want it to be partisan now. But I can only think he wasn't up to the task of figuring out the difficult choices of how to cover the cost of the important infrastructure legislation that we had talked about three weeks before.

So -- so, but the president, again, stormed out.

This Week in Stupid (22/01/2017) - Trump Inauguration Special

And I think, first -- pound the table. Walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there when I had my say. That didn't work for him either. Now this time, another temper tantrum -- again -- I pray for the president of the United States. I wish that his family or his administration and staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.

Trump said in a Rose Garden statement that the meeting did not go as planned because he was Trump blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing him of a "cover-up" in a statement to reporters before the meeting.

Democrats take that oath seriously, and we are committed to honoring our oath of office. Conway said Pelosi treated her "as she might treat her maid" during the exchange.

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Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser settings to disable cookies. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to our use of cookies. Trump gives the Democrats the best soundbite they could possibly hope for: "Yes, if we don't get what we want I will shut down the government.

I will take the mantle.

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I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it. Did you say — Trump? You should pass it. Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence sat there with his eyes closed, counting down the minutes until he gets to be president. Make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here.

Dear God. Make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here While the president might have been humiliated on national TV, and Chuck Schumer was useful for once, the most important thing to come out of this meeting is the memes. And folks The Office: Oval edition pic. Me leaving your Holiday Party after starting major drama pic. Trump negotiating in the Oval Office today like pic. Follow Us.

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